Artificial Grass in Beckenham

Looking for quality artificial grass suppliers in Beckenham?

Easy to maintain, always looks good, and a range of prices depending upon quality and fitting, it is easy to see why more people choose an artificial grass lawn. Ideal for small areas especially with children and pets, but also available commercially for large areas such as schools and other sporting facilities.

Artificial grass costs and sizes

Most suppliers in and around Beckenham - South East London offer artificial grass in 2m or 4m widths and are priced by length but typically the price range from £10 to £30 a square metre depending upon quality. At these prices it is obviously much dearer than natural turf and on a par with the cost of carpets inside your home!

Thickness can range from under 10mm to 40mm and the look and feel varies so much. Many suppliers will offer free samples but a visit to your local major DIY stockist will allow you to look and feel which quality is right for your budget.

Laying artificial grass yourself or installed

Yes you can lay artificial grass yourself but as always preparation is the key. You need to dig out the surface area, remove any hard objects such as stones, ensure a firm base, lay a base of fine stone or sand and even a membrane to avoid weeds growing, and consider how be edged and retained. There are plenty of guides available online that provide good advice but many people will choose to have a professional fitting.

Expect to pay the same for professional installation as for the product itself.

Density and colour of artificial grass?

The pile height is important but so is the density which is often reflected in the weight of the product and therefore the price.

Not all artificial grass is green! If you remember the days of the first products they looked a bit anaemic but now nowadays, and some appear greener and more natural than others. For a more realistic look to turf there are options of a brown fleck in the pile.

What can go wrong laying artificial grass yourself in Beckenham?

More reason to have a professional fitted lawn can be imagined by some of these instances: Dogs pulling up the edges and not properly secured, uneven surface due to insufficient base, weeds appearing as no membrane was installed, wet areas as the ground was not even or sufficient drainage aspects were addressed. Get the picture?

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